Archibald Lake Association
Dedicated to the preservation, safety, and enjoyment of Archibald Lake

Lake Projects

Lake Management Plan 
The Archibald Lake Association has been awarded a DNR grant for the development of a new Lake Management Plan.  A Lake Management Plan includes an assessment of aquatic plant communities, fisheries, stakeholder perceptions and water quality.  A Lake Management Plan is required by the DNR to qualify for grant funding.  The proposal and scope of the project can be viewed on the link below.

Adopt a Shoreline
Adopt a Shoreline is a volunteer program that involves surveying the lake for the presence of invasive species.  The purpose of the program is to identify invasive species and track their locations on Archibald Lake.  Survey work consists of looking on the shore and in the shallow water for invasive plants and animals (primarily zebra mussels).  Ideally, survey work should be done two or more times per summer.  Training and online resources will be provided.  Please contact Kevin Springob at or 763-954-1905

Clean Boats, Clean Waters 
The Clean Boats, Clean Waters initiative has been running since 2003.  The purpose of this activity is to help prevent any new invasive species from entering the lake.  One of the most visible activities with respect to Clean Boats, Clean Waters is monitoring of the boat landing. If you would like more information and would like to participate in this activity please contact Betsy Nock at or 414-477-1965  
Rock Reef Project
In 2008 and 2009 the Archibald Lake Association worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to improve the ecology and the fish spawning habitat available in Archibald Lake.  A walleye spawning reef was included as part of the overall fish ecology improvement process.  A location was selected in the east lobe of the lake on the south shore based on prevailing winds and sampling results that confirmed walleye utilize this area during spring spawning. The walleye usage was confirmed during spring fyke netting surveys. It is believed that the shoreline in this area contained some spawning substrate but because of receding water levels, additional stone was added.  Since 2010, the WDNR has documented significant natural reproduction of walleye in Archibald Lake, believed to be a result of this effort.

The Archibald Lake Ecology Improvement Committee is continuing work to improve walleye spawning habitat over the next several years.  Currently we are working with the WDNR fisheries staff to install walleye spawning reefs in three areas; two, 300-foot sections and one, 600-foot section.  By placing glacial/field stone in these areas we will be able to improve spawning habitat for our fish. We expanded the existing reef in the east lobe in February 2017 and have identified two additional areas in the west lobe that would benefit from the same habitat improvement projects. The Association has been granted permission from the 3 shoreline owners affected by this project. The Board of Directors for the Archibald Lake Association has also granted the Archibald Lake Ecology Improvement Committee approval to proceed. All of the necessary permits and procedures have been followed and construction of the two remaining areas is expected to take place in 2018.  Additional information about the construction plan can be found in the link below.  If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Tim McGuire at  715-850-0501 or email him at