Archibald Lake Association
Dedicated to the preservation, safety, and enjoyment of Archibald Lake

Lake Projects

Adopt a Shoreline
Adopt a Shoreline is a volunteer program that involves surveying the lake for the presence of invasive species.  The purpose of the program is to identify invasive species and track their locations on Archibald Lake.  Survey work consists of looking on the shore and in the shallow water for invasive plants and animals (primarily zebra mussels).  Ideally, survey work should be done two or more times per summer.  Training and online resources will be provided.  For more information about the program please contact Laura Harvancik at or 414-322-0505.

Clean Boats, Clean Waters 
The Clean Boats, Clean Waters initiative has been running since 2003.  The purpose of this activity is to help prevent any new invasive species from entering the lake.  One of the most visible activities with respect to Clean Boats, Clean Waters is monitoring of the boat landing. We are fortunate to have two passionate board members in charge of this important activity.  If you would like more information and would like to participate in this activity please contact Tom Wilke ( or Norm Faulstich ( for more information.